Andrej Bán – South of eden

nakladatelství - Slovart, jazyk – angličtina, vazba – pevná, počet stran – 208, rozměry – 210 x 240 x 24 mm, rok vydání - 2016


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The photographer and reporter of the magazine .týždeň Andrej Bán is presenting 82 black-and-white documentary photographs from 25 countries, which he has visited in the last 25 years. Original snap-shots are completed by interesting stories about life in regions affected by wars, exoduses, ethnical and religious conflicts and natural disasters. Although pictures from disaster regions dominate the publication, the book is not only about horrors, but mainly about the hope and the ability of ordinary people to survive and cope with their destiny. The author of the book Andrej Bán goes back to Kosovo, Bosna and Hercegovina, Georgia, Pakistan, Afganistan, and other countries regularly.


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